FAQ: Pump flow rate, calibration and programming

Frequently asked questions regarding peristaltic pump flow rate range, pump flow properties, flow rate calibration and programming flow profile:

FAQ: Peristaltic pump flow rate range

What is the peristaltic pump flow range?

Depending on the pump you select, LAMBDA peristaltic liquid pumps offer a range of flow rates from 0.2 µl/min to 60,000 ml/hour*.

*The flow rates may vary depending on the fluid being pumped, pressure and pump tubing.


Does the tubing size affect the flow rate range?

Yes, the flow rates delivered by peristaltic pumps depend on the internal diameter of the pump tubing used.


FAQ: Pump flow sense

Is the flow reversible?

Is it a bi-directional peristaltic pump?

Yes, the desired flow could achieved either by clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation.


FAQ: Pump flow calibration

How to calibrate the peristaltic pump?

The peristaltic pump has to be calibrated with the respective pump tubing to correlate the flow rate obtained. 

The peristaltic pump is allowed to dispense the liquid over a certain period of time with a selected speed setting (e.g. for 1 minute with speed setting 500). The resulting amount of liquid corresponds to the flow rate at that particular speed and time.

Please refer the peristaltic pump calibration video.


How can I calculate the flow rate of peristaltic pump?

The pump speed is proportional to the flow. By determining the total amount of liquid delivered at a given pumping speed over a measured time interval (duration), you can calculate the flow rate.

Two methods to calculate the flow rate of peristaltic pumps:

  1. Volumetric calibration of pump flow rate
  2. Calibration of pump flow rate by weight

Please refer the short video on flow rate calculation of LAMBDA peristaltic pumps.

FAQ: Programming pump flow profile

Is it possible to program the feed-profile without software?

Yes, you can program the feed profile (up to 99 pairs of speed and time) on the pump display and also with pauses. The number of cycles to repeat the programmed feed-profile with pauses can also be set on the pump.