LAMBDA laboratory peristaltic pumps

LAMBDA PRECIFLOW, MULTIFLOW, HiFLOW, MAXIFLOW & MEGAFLOW laboratory peristaltic pumps with flow rates from 0.2 μl/min to 60 L/h offer the most wanted specifications for serving as liquid pumps:

Technical specifications of LAMBDA peristaltic pumps for laboratories

  • Flow rates by pump speed settings (1:1000) and by tubing size
  • Clockwise/counterclockwise operation
  • Programmable in both pumping directions (cw/ccw):
    auto-start, speed/duration, pause, automatic stop, program loops, ...
  • Analogue (on/off; whole speed range) remote control /
    digital (optional RS-232 or RS-485 interface) remote control;
  • optional foot-switch
  • optional PC remote control software PNet
  • more technical specifications

Highly reliable peristaltic pumps

LAMBDA peristaltic pump head

Highly reliable LAMBDA peristaltic pumps with low maintenance costs are precise, reproducible and specially designed for long-term continuous laboratory processes:

Reliable peristaltic pumps

The pump’s unique compression mechanism reduces mechanical strain on the tubing and assures stable flow rates for weeks

Example medium pumps

Smallest footprint

The stackable and extremely compact LAMBDA peristaltic pumps save valuable bench-space in biotechnology laboratories.

Pump dimension

Economic & easy to use

LAMBDA peristaltic pumps do not have complicated heads and drives, are easy to set-up and use even low cost silicone hoses

Tubing sizes & materials

What do customers say about LAMBDA laboratory peristaltic pumps?

The best references are successful applications such as the latest scientific publications about the LAMBDA pumps!

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“In any case, a great pump. I look forward to buying another.”

S. Hall FDA, USA

“We have been using the PRECIFLOW peristaltic pumps in a continuous experiment lasting 502 days!”

J.P. Kradolfer EPFL, LBE, Switzerland