Applications of LAMBDA lab peristaltic pumps

LAMBDA peristaltic pumps are utilized in wide variety of applications in research & development (R&D) as well as industrial laboratories. You can find some of the application examples:

References of peristaltic pumps in Biotechnology

Peristaltic pumps for fermentation & cell culture

LAMBDA peristaltic pumps have been specially developed for long term continuous processes like in fermentations and cell cultures. Thanks to autoclavable tubing, easy-to-clean surfaces and a compact design, LAMBDA peristaltic pumps are ideal for aseptic and sterile applications.
LAMBDA peristaltic pumps are GMP and GLP compatible. Thanks to remote control and optional data recording software, the laboratory peristaltic pumps are also used in Industry 4.0
Feed flow profile (r.g.: exponential feed rate, automatic switch ON/OFF)

LAMBDA peristaltic pumps are used as a feed pump (C-feed pump) in the fed-batch for linear and exponential feed profiles.

All LAMBDA peristaltic pumps offer the possibility of running a pre-programmed feed flow profile (e.g.: via PC software) with automatic switch ON and OFF of the feed pump.

With the help of the SIAM automation software, the actual values ​​of a fermenter parameter (e.g. pO2 values) can also be used to control the laboratory pump.

Other applications of peristaltic pumps with fermentor and bioreactor

- Aseptic sample addition/injection during biotransformation

- Controlled addition of nutrients, minerals and trace elements

- Antifoam pump (automatically controlled addition of antifoam agent)

- Sampling at specific time intervals

- Process optimization with C-Feed in Fed-batch

- Media pumps with foot-switch for filling agar plates

- Record the growth kinetics

- Quantification of the metabolic activity of bacterial cultures

pH regulation (automatic addition of acid, base, buffers)

In USP laboratory (upstream processing), the peristaltic pump are directly connected to the bioreactor. The laboratory fermenter regulates the pH automatically with the help of base and / or acid pump.

The most commonly used LAMBDA acid and base pumps are PRECIFLOW peristaltic pumps.

For automatic pH control by LAMBDA PRECIFLOW pump, the pumps are simply plugged to the bioreactor MINIFOR. The software for pH-stat and pH probe is included in the MINIFOR basic start-up kit.

LAMBDA acid and base pumps can be controlled by other third-party laboratory reactors digitally from computer via RS-interface or pH-stat via analog remote control.

Peristaltic pump for fraction collector


Together with LAMBDA OMNICOLL fraction collector or as a stand alone instrument, LAMBDA peristaltic pumps are very well suitable for chromatography:

  • Liquid chromatography, LC

  • Dispensing mobile phase to the chromatography column

  • Collecting fractions / sampling

  • Gradient elution

  • Pouring gradient gels

  • Column saturation with upward pump flow

  • Automatic gradient pump (with the help of PC software PNet)

Applications laboratory pump

Chemistry & Biochemistry / Enzymology

  • Titration pump for precise addition of titrant to analyte
  • Visualisation of reaction rate – Hydrolysis of amides, esters, anhydrides, etc.
  • Reagent pump for the controlled addition of reactants during exothermic reactions (thermostat)
  • Acid pump and/or base pump to maintain the pH constant (pH-stat)
  • Control of oxidation and reduction potential
  • Measurement of enzyme activity of various enzymes (eg. esterases, acylases, lipases, proteases and others)

Peristaltic liquid pump for single use systems

Peristaltic pumps for single use system & pharmaceutical research

LAMBDA Peristaltic Pumps can be equipped quickly and easily with exchangeable sterile tubing:
Precise and safe addition or removal of liquids in processes prone to contamination!

  • Sterile filtration
  • Dosing pump for cell suspensions
  • Process validation and drug trails